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About US

JAH & CO. IP is one of the most prominent regional IP firms for global IPR services, providing IPR protection, domain name registration, infringement watch and legal representation in the Arab Region through our own fully staffed operating offices spanning the Middle East Countries, and affiliated IP firms in Africa. Our HEAD Office in Qatar to coordinate activities in multiple countries. We can offer you highly competitive fees for high value added services with promptness and precision.


Since 1999, JAH & CO. IP has established an extensive list of clients ranging from individuals and small businesses, to large multinational companies and organizations.


The Intellectual Property practice at JAH & CO. IP has been developing over the years to be able to offer clients the highest level of expertise in dealing with issues confronting them, as changes in technology takes their toll in our ever-changing environment. Our mission and philosophy of handling IP matters is high quality value-added services, with precision, efficiency and prompt attendance to inquiries and instructions at highly competitive fees.  Besides, we are always vigilant to undertake new measures to accommodate our clients and associates needs and expectations.