Designs are registered for 10 years. The period of protection consists of two parts, a period of one year during which the registration remains secret and a second period of 9 years during which the registration is open to public inspection. Once an application is filed it is examined as to the form only and is accorded a filing date immediately. Applications are published in the Official Gazette after the elapse of the first year of protection period or earlier, upon the applicant’s request. There is no provision for filing opposition. Applicants must request the nine-year extension either on filing or within the first year; otherwise the registration will expire. A grace period of six months is allowed.


Design Requirements
Power of attorney in French and Arabic, simply signed.
7 copies of the design.
Summary description of the design in French.
The name, business, nationality and address of the applicant.
Certified copy f the priority document for claiming priority.


It is possible to file design applications without the complete documents at the time of filing, which should be submitted within 45 days from the filing date.