Industrial Designs
A single industrial design application may contain up to 100 models or designs, as long as these are intended to be incorporated in objects grouped in the same class of the Locarno classification system.

Industrial designs will be registered for an initial period of 5 years from the filing date, which term will be renewable for a further two consecutive periods of 5 years upon the payment of renewal fees. There is a grace period of six months.

Design protection in Djibouti is available via a national filing. Djibouti design law makes provision for the claiming of an earlier priority date provided the application is filed within 6 months of the first claim to priority.


The requirements:

Power of Attorney (simply signed) – required on the day of filing;
Formal drawings – required on the day of filing;
Assignment of Design (simply signed), if applicable – required on the day of filing; and
Certified copy of Priority document with verified English translation, if applicable – required on the day of filing.