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Jurisdcitional Update Syria, UAE and Iraq



In accordance with the WIPO notification no. 21/2016, and starting from the 1st August, 2016 the individual, payable fee for International Registrations designating the Syrian Arab Republic will be CHF39; a reduction from the current individual fee of CHF66.

Furthermore, we wish to kindly draw your attention to the Ministerial Decree No. 1540 of the Syrian Minister of Interior Trade and Consumer Protection which stipulates that the official Fees for patents have been increased in Syria. The increase was for publication fees mainly and for other disbursements.

The ministerial decision has entered into force in Syria on the 1st July, 2016.


Please note that the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) will introduce a number of measures and penalties based on law No. (2) of 2009 on the establishment of ADDED and Resolution No. 25 on the regulation of economic activities and license issuance.

“These authorize the ADDED to impose penalties that can even reach the closure of any establishment that is involved in commercial fraud,” said Khalifa bin Salem Al Mansouri, ADDED Acting Undersecretary. Al Mansouri said his department is committed to continuing its efforts to combat trading in counterfeit and fraudulent goods and to confiscate them across the emirate of Abu Dhabi through raids. He stressed the commitment of the ADDED to protect commercial activities across all sectors, especially those that are directly involved with consumers.

Al Mansouri stressed that in line with its endeavors to promote its role in the field of commercial protection in Abu Dhabi, ADDED has initiated procedures to enforce laws of competition and intellectual property protection, to develop electronic platforms to receive consumer complaints, to launch awareness campaigns to ensure consumer rights and protection and to enforce governance mechanisms along with strategic partners in the field of consumer protection.

Parts of reports from Emirates 24/7 and Khaleej Times.


Please note that the official fees of local attestation of powers of attorney or any other legalized document to be used for IP matters in Iraq & Kurdistan have increased and JAH has amended our charges accordingly. The local legalization of power of attorney or any other official legalized document must be locally legalized from the following authorities (General Commission for Taxes at Ministry of Justice, Legalization Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Central Bank) in order to be acceptable by the registrars of respective jurisdictions.