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Increased Registration Fees in SAUDI ARABIA


JAH & Co. IP would like to inform you that the Saudi Trademark Office has officially increased the fees of trademark registration. As we have circulated earlier, the GCC TM Law and its Implementing Regulations had been published at the Official Gazette in Saudi Arabia (Um Al- Qura), issue No. 4625, on July 1st, 2016; pursuant to the Saudi Royal Degree No. M/51 dated April 26, 2014.


The new official fees as per below will be applicable starting today; October 2nd, 2016:


Filing Fees                      270 USD/1000 SAR
Publication Fees           800 USD/3000 SAR
Registration Fees         1335 USD/5000 SAR


As you can observe the official fees for filing and publication have remained unchanged whereas the registration fees have been increased from 800 USD to 1335 USD bring the total fees for filing to registration for a trademark application to 2405 USD.


Last but not least, it remains to be seen whether the fees increase will retroactively apply to the pending applications or if there are going to be changes concerning renewals, recordals. … since there has been no official notification in this regards yet.


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