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JAH General Power of Attorney

Over the last few years we have had a steady stream of queries and clarifications regarding legalizations of powers of attorney for Arab countries. Some of the key points which have affected our clients and associates are the exorbitant costs and also the cumbersome procedures to be undertaken to fulfill legalization the requirements.


We at JAH are constantly working on providing innovative solutions to remedy any adverse issues faced by practitioners/clients and wish to elaborate on the best possible options whereby POAs can be legalized to cover the entire MENA region.


STANDARD OPTION (for all countries): Seeking separate individual legalizations for each country of interest up to the respective embassy/consulate, which is the costliest and time consuming to clients.


ALTERNATIVE (for GCC countries and any other country of interest): Special General Power of attorney to JAH


It is our suggestion that your client execute one general power of attorney for the six GCC countries of your client’s interest and/or any other country of interest which needs to be legalized up to the Qatari and UAE consulates in the home country and sent to us. By virtue of the said document we can undertake filing of your client’s trademarks for the various six GCC and at mere administrative costs.


On a related note, apart from the six GCC states we can issue and execute sub-powers of attorney by virtue of the general POA to our local branch offices across remaining MENA jurisdictions which might be of interest to your client subject to official costs and office expenses. That being said, it will save clients both efforts, time and cost involved in completing the legislation procedures at each individual Embassy or Consulate.


Kindly write to us for details, formats and charges at info@jahcoip.com