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JAH Jurisdiction Update Kuwait & Iraq



Please be advised that an official notification has been issued by the trademark authorities stipulating that all new renewal applications to be filed in this jurisdiction will require the original registration certificate for endorsement purpose at the time of filing. As per the old practice, a renewal application could be filed and the original documents could be submitted at a later date. Please note if you do not possess the original registration certificates our firm can assist you in issuing a certified copy of the registration certificate which can be used for renewal purpose.




Following to the expedited examination of trademark applications by the TMO, we have come to know that the Registrar of trademark intends to apply the Chapter 2 Article 16 of the Trademark Law (Trademarks & Indications Law No. 21 for the Year 1957 with Amendments) strictly:


Article 16

Where registration of a mark is not completed within six months from the date of the application by reason of default on the part of the applicant the Registrar may inform the applicant, in writing, to complete the registration within the period prescribed in the regulation made under this law. Otherwise he shall be considered as having abandoned the application.


As per the verbal circular, all the applicants who have pending applications under the series number 60,000 will be informed to submit the requisite documents within 7 days of the issue of the notice and in failure, those applications which have incomplete documentation will be considered as abandoned. Therefore, we urge all agents and applicants to check their records for applications series filed under the above reference and complete the documentation immediately.