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JAH Jurisdictional Update Oman and Egypt

Oman: The Omani Patent Office has requested all patent applicants to pay the substantive examination fees for all patents formally filed and accepted in 2018 and all their formalities are in a proper order. It has been announced that applicants are requested to submit requests for substantive examination and pay the official fees thereof within 2 months from the Omani Patent Office notification no.414/2019 circulated on September 11 2019 retroactively dated August 9, 2019. The official notification is attached herewith for your kind reference. Failure to pay the substantive examination fees within above specified time; i.e. 9 August 2019 will cause the application to lapse irreversibly in accordance of article no. 9 (5) a and b of Industrial Property Law no. 67/2008.


Egypt: Egyptian Trademark Office Official Fee Increase in compliance with Ministerial Decree No.179 dated 4 September 2019. The date of implementation of directives in this decree has been listed as the 5th of September but it has so far been put on hold. As per the notification 100 EGP + 14% VAT will be charged for each requested action with the TMO. We are presently seeking more clarity on the individual services effected by the increase and will be providing information regarding the same soon.


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