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JAH jurisdictional update Tunisia

In our constant endeavor to update our clients and associates regarding the affairs of the IP world in the Middle East and North African countries we wish to kindly inform you that the Tunisian Trademark and Patent Office, known by the French acronym INNOPRI, announced now a dramatic increase (100%) in official fees for trademarks matters which has been published in the Official Gazette on 24 January 2020 and entered into force on 27th January 2020. This increase has come to effect in accordance with Governmental Decree No. 29/2020 dated 16 January 2020.


For your ease of reference, we have tabulated below the official fees for trademark matters after the increase inclusive of 19% VAT.




Services Official Fees (USD)
Searching for trademarks on registers 13,00 USD
Filing an individual trademark application in one class with registration certificate 248,50 USD
Each additional class 43,00 USD
Claiming priority right, per claim 26,00 USD
Renewal of a trademark registration with renewal certificate for one class 312,50 USD
Each additional class 64,00 USD
Penalty for late renewal of a trademark registration within 6 months grace period after expiry of protection term 64,00 USD
Assignment, Licence or Merger recordal 128,50 USD
Change of name and address recordal 26,00 USD
Correction or amendment of any particulars of a pending trademark application 13,00 USD
Obtaining a certified copy of a trademark application or registration 22,00 USD
Withdrawal of a trademark application 26,00 USD
Cancellation of a trademark application 26,00 USD
Lodging an opposition 150,00 USD


For requirements and our updated schedule of fees please write to info@jahcoip.com .