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JAH Jurisdictional Update



New directives issued by the Iraqi Trademark Office on 30th October 2017 have brought in force the stipulations of article no.15 of Iraqi Trademark Law No.26 of 1957 which pertains to the publication of renewals, recordals of change of name & address, merger, assignment etc in the Official Gazette. The said stipulations are expected to come into play from November 2017.


According to the notified decision, an official fee of (200000 IQD equivalent to 170 USD) will be incurred for the above-mentioned actions and will be applied for newly filed actions and retroactively for pending actions which have not yet been issued with their certificates.




The President of the European Patent Office, and the Director-General of Tunisia’s National Standardization and Industrial Property Institute (INNORPI), Amel Ben Farhat, announced that starting December 1, 2017 European Patents can be validated in Tunisia and thus regarded as national Tunisian ones.


The validation agreement with Tunisia, the third to enter into force following similar agreements with Morocco and the Republic of Moldova, will bring to 43 the number of countries where an invention can be protected through the single European examination and grant procedure. Under this Agreement, that was signed in Munich, Germany in July 2014, European patent owners and applicants will be able to validate their European patent legal rights in Tunisian territory, subject to Tunisian patent legislation.




UAE and Saudi Arabia are set to implement VAT( Value Added Tax) in their jurisdictions.


All IP matters in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates filed as on 1 January 2018 will be subject to VAT, as well as all pending stages for the previous work delegated to us; thus our invoices issued on or after this date will reflect the new VAT rate.


More detail on these and other provisions will be contained in the Implementing Regulations and will be informed to you soon.