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JAH Jurisdictional Updates UAE, Tunisia and Egypt

UAE: Reduction in registration and renewal fees for trademarks.


The Trademark Office of United Arab Emirates has reduced the official fees for trademark registration and renewal with immediate effect and will be applied on new applications and retroactively on the pending applications. The official notification is yet to be published but we can undertake payments as per the new tariff.


In light of the above the trademark registration fees have been reduced from AED 10,000 (USD 2,725) to AED 6,700 (USD 1,825) with no change for filing and publication fees. Accordingly, the total official fees from filing up to registration for one trademark in one class will now be AED 8,700 (USD 2,370), rather than AED 12,000 (USD 3,270).


Whilst for renewals, the total fees (including the renewal filing and publication fees) have been reduced from AED 12,000 (USD 3,270) to AED 8,700 (USD 2,370).


Tunisia: Drastic increase in fees for all IP matters


The Intellectual Property Office in Tunisia announced that the new official fees schedule with drastic increase for all IP services offered by Patent and Trade Office; the official decree is yet to be published.


The new fees cover filing, publication, registration, renewal, recordal, oppositions and cancellation of trademark, patent and design applications.


We have been informed that a 100% increase to official fees for trademark matters will be applied and a 30% raise to for patent related matters; both to be applied simultaneously in the coming week. 20% increase for designs have been already adopted.


Egypt: VAT to be applied to official fees


The Egyptian Trademark and Industrial Designs Office has informed by official circular that all official fees will be subject to VAT (value added tax) of 14%. A copy of the circular is available here and has been put effect from July 4 2019.


We at JAH are currently updating our tariffs for above jurisdictions to take into account the above updates and will be available to clients/associates upon request. Kindly note that our professional fees will be maintained as per our current schedule with no increase.


For more information on the above reported change in official fees please feel free to write to us at info@jahcoip.com.