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JAH Update Kuwait, Oman and Libya


Please note that renewal of trademark registrations are now filed online in Kuwait, in the Trademark Office’s drive to completely digitalize the various processes undertaken by TMO.

Kindly note that the system being very new most of the data available in the online portal is incomplete and the onus is on the agent who wants to renew the mark to complete the missing details. There are also certain instances where some of the old marks are not available in the online portal and the agent needs to coordinate with the Kuwaiti Trademark Office to enter the mark details in the online portal enabling the agent to process the renewal request and settle the renewal fees accordingly.

In view of the above, it is recommended to send us the renewal orders in time ( preferably 1 week along with a copy of the registration certificate or last renewal/recordal certificate in order to secure the details of the mark and complete the missing information in the online portal before proceeding with the renewal request and to settle the renewal fees accordingly.


The patent office in Oman announced that it is possible to search the patent database for patent applications filed or entered in Oman using bibliographic data of the priority applications or PCT publications. The search results will be provided officially

On a related note, as Oman is also party to the GCC Patent System, it is also advised that the search be also conducted alongside at the same time.


Kindly note that following an escalation in fighting around Libyan Capital of Tripoli we have been receiving a constant stream of queries from clients and associates regarding the functioning of the trademarks office. We wish to kindly clarify that the trademark/patent offices are functional and are accepting applications normally.