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JAH Update Lebanon,Swaziland, Namibia and Somalia



The Trademark Office in Lebanon has requested that all requests for recordal of assignments and mergers to be filed under this jurisdiction from June 29, 2018 to be accompanied by the original registration certificate.


As per the earlier procedure the TMO used to issue a simple declaration attesting to the recordal but now fresh certificates will be issued in the name of the assignee or the new entity following the merger. The original certificate of registration will be kept with the registry for their records.




The passing of the Intellectual Property Tribunal Act of 2018, which seeks to establish a decision-making body which will be responsible for hearing all matters and disputes involving intellectual property rights; the Act has entered into force without any accompanying regulations. The Patent and Design Act of 1997 and the Patent, Designs and Trade Marks Act of 1936 have now been replaced with the Patents Act more details are yet to be published.




The Namibian Industrial Property Act, 2012 has come into effect on 1 August 2018; it repeals the Patents, Designs, Trade Marks and Copyright Act, 1916, the Patents and Designs Proclamation, 1923 and the Trade Marks in South West Africa Act, 1973. This Act provides for the registration and protection and administration of patents, utility model certificates, industrial designs, trademarks, collective marks, certification marks and trade names.




We are pleased to note that publication of cautionary notices is now possible under both the jurisdictions. Prior to 1991 the Trade Marks Registry in Somalia was in operation and it was possible to file trade mark applications; however, the ensuing civil war lead to the breakup of the country. In the absence of Trademark Law protection of trademarks is only by publishing a cautionary notice in the leading newspaper and online. Therefore, there is no provision for renewal of the mark. However, the cautionary notice(s) may be re-published annually.


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