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JAH Update Morocco, Libya and Bahrain



Please be advised that the Moroccan Trademark Office (OMPIC) has announced that as of 28th May, 2018, trademark registration certificates and renewal certificates will be issued electronically in a digital PDF format bearing the official stamp of OMPIC.  Such a move is aimed at expediting and facilitating registration process of trademarks, whilst the certificate will have the same legal value for enforcement purpose.


In this connection, we would be pleased to share the list of trademarks which are due for renewal under this jurisdiction in 2018. We kindly request you to peruse the said list to ensure that no trademarks of your concern are under threat of expiry.


In Morocco, the validity of the trademark registration is ten years as from the filing date.  Thereafter, a trademark registration is renewable for further consecutive periods of ten years each.  The renewal fees of a trademark registration can be paid during the last 6 months of the current protection period. There is a 6-month grace period within which a late renewal application can be filed, but such a late renewal application is subject to the payment of additional fees.




Please be advised that owing to the long term of instability and destruction wrought by the civil war under this jurisdiction and intermittent functioning of the trademark office, it has come to our attention that many registered trademarks have been left without any representation due to the fact that several local IP agents could no longer viably conduct their operations due to safety concerns. Therefore, we have compiled a list of trademark registrations eligible for renewal for whom no agent or address of service is available with the TMO. Kindly peruse the list and write to us if you wish to effect the renewal for any of the said trademarks


In the meantime, we wish to kindly point out that any trademark that had been published under this jurisdiction and was not faced with any opposition by other third parties within a non-extendable three month from the date of publication the mark is virtually considered to be registered, enforceable against third parties and eligible for renewal after the elapse of ten years as from the filing date in spite of the lack of issuance of the registration certificate.


It should be noted that since the issuance of the registration certificate is expected to face delays it is also possible for the owner of the mark to obtain an official certificate confirming the registration of their mark whose term of opposition has passed without any third-party action.




Kindly note that substantive examination of pending patent applications in Bahrain have commenced as of May 29, 2018. Please check your records as follow up for all the patents filed under this jurisdiction so that examination reports have been received. If you wish us to obtain for you the status of your patents please write to us.


For further information or clarification please contact us at info@jahcoip.com