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JAH Update Rwanda




Existing trademark registrations under Rwanda Law 31/2009 of 26 October 2009, effective from 14 December 2009 on Protection of Intellectual Property are scheduled for renewal in 2019.  The Law states that: existing registrations can be renewed within ten years of the entry into force of the Law, i.e. by 14 December 2019.  We request all instructions for filing of renewal applications for all registered trademarks since 1904 till 2009 to be sent to us by 26/10/2019; in order for us to have sufficient time to take action timely and properly.  In Rwanda, there are no lapsed trademarks because it is the first time to introduce renewal action of trademarks according to IP Law of 2009.  The documents needed for effecting a renewal of trademark registrations are: a notarized Power of attorney and a simple copy of the certificate of registration.  The time frame to receive the certificate of Renewal is 2 to 4 weeks from filing the renewal application.



The term for filing an opposition to an application for a trademark or a geographical indication has been increased from 30 days to 60 days (non-extendable), and the term within which the applicant for registration must respond is 14 days. A power of attorney must be submitted at the time of filing with a possible extension term of 7 days for late submission of POA.


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