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JAH Update UAE and Iran



We wish to kindly draw your attention to the UAE TMO has now completed the preparation of the electronic renewal services for trademarks as part of their ongoing effort to swift gradually to services online. It is now possible to file the renewal application which will be published immediately in the next Gazette issue for which clips of publication can be uploaded together with the publication of local gazette in order to issue the electronic renewal certificate.


It has also been clarified that for all renewal applications filed as of 06/12/2015, it is possible to upload publication of local newspapers and issue the electronic renewal certificate.  This news follows the TMO announcements of issuing certificates electronically as of November 2017 for trademark registration and option of conducting official searches online as of April 21, 2018


These e-services, among others provided by the TMO, replace previous procedures that required the submission of documents and applications in person.




Please note that Iran Intellectual Property Office has announced that as of May 30, 2018 the followings will apply to all PCT cases in Iran for granted, pending and future cases.


  1. Terms of protection: 20 years from PCT filing date, not Iranian application date, IIPO will issue a notification for all granted patents with regard to this error.
  2. PCT patents are subject to annuity payments from PCT filing date and all past annuities must be paid, thus patent applications filed on May 30, 2018 onward are subject to additional annuity payments. PCT applications and granted patents prior to May 30, 2018 must pay the missing annuities at the time of next annuity payment.
  3. PCT applications that are in the process of registration must pay the missing annuities prior to IIPO granting the patent.


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