JAH Update UAE




The Trademark Office of UAE launched an electronic searching system with respect to trademarks

filed or registered in the UAE on 19 April 2018. However, the online trademark searching system is not accessible to the public and it is merely an added feature to accredited UAE agents access portal. The official fees to be paid to conduct the searches remain the same; however, the search request can be now made online by and results thereof received in the same medium.  This follows the recent move by the TMO to issue certificates electronically as of November 2017. These e-services, among others provided by the TMO, replace previous procedures that required the submission of documents and applications in person by agents. Overall the system encourages efficiency and smoother process for undertaking work at the TMO.


Trademark registration before the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED):

Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) launched an innovative online gateway for the registration of registered trademarks by active brand owners in the Dubai market.  The online portal will assist the Department of Economic Development (DED) in their routine market checks for any counterfeit products and the trademark owners/agents will be notified of the DED’s encountered infringements. Brand owners are however still required to lodge official complaints for the DED to take action against any infringing parties. We outline hereunder for you the required documents for the recordal of registered trademark with the Department of Economic Development (DED) as follows:

  • A simple copy of the UAE trademark registration certificate
  • A legalized Power of Attorney by the UAE Consulate in the name of the registrant as shown in the certificate of registration which is not required if we already possess one granted for registration of the trademark.


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