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Jurisdictional Update Bahrain and West Bank



Please be advised that Bahrain has increased the official fees to conform to the Law 6/2014 of the GCC Trade Mark Law and its Implementing Regulations which has come into immediate effect as of May 29, 2016. The new official fees for filing up to registration for  a trademark registration have dramatically increased from 330 USD to 1722 USD. The new official fees will cover all trademarks matters filed from today 29 May 2016 as well as retroactively for pending trademarks applications as regards their publication and registration fees; for a copy of the new official charges as circulated by the Ministry is available here.  Accordingly, JAH & CO. IP is amending its schedule of charges with this effect in order to keep it available upon request.


Furthermore, the Bahraini Trademarks Office has issued new stipulations to enforce the Article 11 of Executive Regulations of GCC Trademark Law issued with the decision No. 65/2016, according to which the accepted trademark applications will be published on the official website (www.moic.gov.bh) of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism every Thursday.


All parties have the right to oppose the registration of any trademark within a period of 60 days from the publication date by informing the TMO in writing and by payment of official fees in relation thereto.

On a related note, we wish to kindly draw your attention to the Gazette page to our website which provides recent gazettes of all Arab jurisdictions for your kind reference.




Please be advised that the West Bank Trademark Office has issued directives stating that it is no more permitted to file trademark applications in this jurisdiction without the original legalized power of attorney which has to accompany the application at the time of filing.


Earlier it was possible to file the trademark application without the required legalized power of attorney which could be submitted within two months from the date of filing which can be extended for one month time only. In this regards, for urgent applications please contact info@jahcoip.com