Kurdistan Filing Suspended - JAH CO.IP
Kurdistan Filing Suspended

JAH would like to inform its clients and associates that trademark filings in Kurdistan- Northern Iraq is suspended until further notice.  In response to the many emails we have received to confirm the increase in official fee in this jurisdiction, we wish to shed light to the fact that the fees increase had been proposed by the trademark authorities in August and published in October though no action has been taken to implement the same. We expect the Kurdistan Trademarks Office to resume normal function in January 2017 with clear resolution on the implementation of new fees.


We take this opportunity to inform all interested parties that Iraq is divided into two trademark jurisdictions; Baghdad and Erbil where filings should be undertaken separately in order to secure trademark protection for the whole country; duly noting that the registries operate independently of each other and filing a trademark application in one jurisdiction does not automatically grant protection in the other. Erbil is the de-facto capital of the self-autonomous region of Northern Iraq- Kurdistan. This region represents immense interest to trademark owners around the world both in terms of covering the whole of Iraq and also for the tremendous potential it offers to brands.