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Monitor your trademarks in Aden-Yemen

We are pleased to inform you that the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Aden– Yemen has issued Gazette Issues No. 1 and 2 for July/August 2018 on Thursday 13, December, 2018 publishing a number of Ministerial Decisions including many trademarks applications. In this respect, we would like to share this Gazette with our clients and associates for their watch service which you can view on this link.


In the same connection, please be advised that there is a 90 days period starting from the publication date open for filing an opposition to the registration of a trademark by any interested party. Therefore, kindly note that the non-extendable deadline to file an opposition against the trademarks published in this current Gazette issue will be due on 12 March 2019.


We wish to remind our readers that official proclamation regarding the setting up of the office was issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Aden on 20 February 2018. The legitimate government in Aden used to be in charge of trademarks Office in Sana’a; however, when the national salvation government (by coup) took control over Sana’a region, the official government retreated to Aden region which resulted in the formation of Trademark Office (TMO) in Aden- Yemen which has started functioning independently from the current TMO in Sana’a.


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