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Change of filing requirement for POA – Afghanistan

The Afghan Trademark Registration Office (ATRO) has stipulated that it is no longer permitted to file trademarks applications unless with the presence of at least scanned copy of the notarized and legalized POA up to the Afghani Consulate abroad. This decision has been put into effect as of 29/08/2018.


As a background, please note that ATRO used to accept filing a trademark application without the legalized power of attorney at the time of filing which can be submitted within three months from the date of filing at no additional cost. However, ATRO has recently changed this practice and started requiring scanned copy of the legalized POA at the time of filing with effect from the date 29/08/2018 allowing to submit the original POA within one month from the date of filing.


In this connection, please note that in absence of Afghani Consulate in the home country of the applicant, it is possible to complete the channel of legalization locally in Kabul from our side provided that the power of attorney is sent to us notarized by a Notary Public and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the applicant home country. This service of local attestation of power of attorney or any other IP related documents is solely provided for those clients residing in a country where Afghanistan Embassy/Consulate is not available; otherwise, it will be considered as an illegal act.


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