Patent Substansive Examination Fees for Oman - JAH CO.IP
Patent Substansive Examination Fees for Oman

JAH & Co. IP we would like to advise you that the Sultanate of Oman declared officially as per enclosed circulation dated 21/09/2016 that the substantive examination fees for patent applications accepted formally in the year 2013-2014 are due for payment.  This comes as a result to the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Omani and the Egyptian Patent Offices, where the Egyptian Patent Office acts as the examining office for all pending and new patent applications filed in Oman.  For the Omani Patent Office to examine all patents which are accepted formally within the above term (with completed formalities),  a request by the applicant or his agent should be submitted for substantive examination with the payment of the examination fees of Omani Riyals 300 (equivalent to USD) .


Failure to submit the request for substantive examination for patents within  two months from the date of this notification i.e. before  21/11/2016 the patent application will be considered cancelled in accordance with article 9 ( 5) a and b of the Industrial Property Law no. 67/2008.