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Qatar Adopts Online Filing of Trademark Applications

We are pleased to inform you that the Qatar Trademark Office has upgraded its system and undertaken the necessary procedures towards switching filing trademarks to a completely online system. Please note that the documentary requirements will now be fulfilled online by uploading the same upon filing and originals of which should be submitted within a month from the date of filing as per the current practice. The earlier practice of filing trademarks using paper files in the presence of the original power of attorney has been discontinued. Thus, simple copies of coloured copies of the legalized POA, certificate incorporation or extract from the commercial register of applicant company and priority document if applicable to fulfill the documentary formalities of filing of trademarks. It is expected that the same system will be adopted for renewals, recordals and all other trademark related actions in the coming days of which you will be apprised in time. The change of practice for filing of trademarks in further to the switch to online filing of patents earlier this year.


JAH & Co. IP wishes to also add that we are the first agent in the country who has had the opportunity to pioneer the new system and have successfully filed trademark online under no. 118507 on 8th November 2017 as per the below particulars:

Also we are pleased to advise our clients and associates that obtaining trademark registration in individual names will be possible in Qatar as of 15 November 2017 and only document required is a power of attorney legalized up to the Qatari Consulate abroad.


For further information please write to us at info@jahcoip.com