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JAH Jurisdictional Update Iraq, Afghanistan, Oman and Rwanda



We wish to kindly inform our clients and associates that Iraqi Trademark Office has introduced a list of requisites for registration of trademarks to be filed under Class 5 for pharmaceuticals and other preparations for medical or veterinary purposes.


List of new requirements besides the required documents are as follows:


  1. International Nonproprietary Name
  2. Name of manufacturer
  3. Name of distributor
  4. Drug formulation/dosage form


Please note that persons interested in filing trademark applications covering pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations and sanitary preparations for medical purposes should take care to provide the above requisites. Please note that this will apply on all new as well as pending applications that have not been examined yet.


The system is expected to be similar to that of Syria which imposes filing requirements that are specific to class 5. The TMO in co-operation with the country’s Ministry of Health will decide upon the underlying applications before they are placed for examination. Accordingly, it is expected that the applications will be rejected on formal grounds if the applicant fails to provide all of the required information.




Further to our news alert regarding the change of multi class system in this jurisdiction to single class system, we wish to elaborate of some key points regarding the official suggestion letter of Afghanistan PTO to Ministry of Commerce and Industries in regard of single class applications:


1) The new regulation of filling separate applications per mark per class will only be applied for applications filed after March 11, 2016 and not for the previously filed applications.

2) Renewal and recordals of the trademarks which have been registered via multi class applications will be renewed and recorded via multi class applications.

3) Pending applications will follow the old system




Please note that it is now possible in Oman to cancel or ask the applicant to alter the registration of any trade name if it is similar to a registered trademark or any part of the trademark, or if it is similar to another trade name recognized nationally or internationally. These new stipulations were a part of the Ministerial Decision no. 124/2016, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI); furthermore, complaints against parties with trade names that infringe trademarks may now be filed at the said Ministry.




Kindly take note of the recent Ministerial Orders dated 17 March 2016 amending the Rwandan trademark law which have been implemented stipulating the following changes:


All powers of attorney required for a filing of trademarks now need to be notarized instead of the simply signed authorization used earlier.  The term for filing an opposition to an application for a trade mark or a geographical indication has been increased from 30 days to 60 days, and the term within which the applicant for registration must respond is 14 days. The opposition document must contain specific information, including the grounds of opposition and the evidence along with the POA