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RE: JAH Jurisdictional Updates Kuwait and Libya
  • Kuwait: Suspension of payment of publication fees for renewal and recordal actions until further notice.


We would like to bring to your kind attention that the payment of the publication fees for renewals, recordals of assignment, change of name and address actions of registered trademarks has been suspended by the Kuwaiti Trademarks Office until further notice. As per the requisite of the Kuwaiti Trademarks implementing regulations adopted on 27 December 2015, the aforementioned actions should be published in the official gazette in order to put said actions in actual effect with the trademarks registrar and endorsement of these actions on the respective registration certificates. However, the Kuwaiti Trademarks Registrar is currently effecting these procedures without payment of publication fees as they are not published in the official gazette. Likewise, the change of local agent of service recordation has also been suspended until further notice.


In view of the above, we shall raise our invoices for any of these actions waiving the official publication fees thereof. In case the trademarks registrar calls for the payment of the official publication fees of these procedures, which is unlikely to happen, we should attend to the same immediately, notify you with a copy of the official fiscal receipt and issue our invoice accordingly.


  • Libya: issuance of trademarks registration certificates.


Please note that the Libyan Trademarks Office has issued registration certificates for the trademarks numbered 5000 to 6000 which are now available and ready for release by the registrar of trademarks upon payment of the official registration fees. In case you would like to avail our service in issuing the registration certificates for the aforementioned application series, kindly contact us at info@jahcoip.com for the requirements and associated charges.