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RE: JAH Qatar Update

JAH would like to inform our valued clients and associates that we have received an administrative communique from Qatar Trademark Office that  they will stop following the 7th international classification of goods and services in which services under classes 43, 44 & 45 was still classified under class 42. Under this old practice applicants seeking registration for services under Classes 42, 43, 44 and 45 it was possible to file one trademark application under Class 42 and only incur the cost of one class. Now as per the new notification, this practice will cease and thus it is possible to designate services available in classes 43, 44 & 45 starting from February 12, 2017 noting that Qatar follows a single class application system.  A separate application should be filed with respect to each class of goods or services and a separate sum of official fees is to be paid for each class.


Please note we are yet to be informed regarding the status of the pending application filed as per the old system and are awaiting the issuance of the official notification which will be released within few days. Rest assured we are following the matter from our side and shall revert to you in due course.


Should you have any questions, or require any additional information, please contact us at info@jahcoip.com