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RE: Jurisdictional Updates Morocco, Uganda & Kuwait



Please be advised that following the recent trend of increase in official fees for countries in the MENA region Morocco too has updated their trademark application fees:


The official fees for filing of one application in one class became MAD1200 (125 USD) instead of MAD1000 (up to 3 classes) and MAD150 (16 USD) for each additional class instead MAD108. Further the renewal official fees has also been increased to MAD 1440 (150 USD) and MAD180 (19 USD) for each additional class instead of MAD 1200 (up to 3 classes) and MAD120 respectively. The official notification can be accessed here.




Please be advised that the Ugandan Trademarks registry has published a 2nd list of trademarks eligible to be restored. We kindly request you to check your records so as to maintain your IP rights within this jurisdiction.




With rejuvenated energy and as a follow up to the recent adoption of the GCC Trademark Law, Kuwait’s Council of Ministers voted and published on March 27, 2016 a new law, Law no. 11/2016, which is a positive step in the country’s accession to the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Please note that the Patent Office is yet to introduce and publish new regulations; it also remains to be seen if patents are going to be granted in this jurisdiction anytime soon.