Re: Kuwait Increase in Official Fees - JAH CO.IP
Re: Kuwait Increase in Official Fees

JAH & CO. IP would notify its associates and clients that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Patents and Trademarks in Kuwait has verbally announced that the official fees for trademarks registration will be increased dramatically.  The said decision is likely to be effective as from December 21, 2015.  Please note that the Trademarks Registrar will apply the new fees for all trademark/patent/design matters filed subsequent to said date as well as retroactively for pending trademark applications as regards their publication and registration.

To mention a few, please be advised that the current fees of filing and registration (including publication) of a trademark is 24 USD and 58 USD respectively; the new fees is expected to be 264 USD for filing and 1586 USD for publication and registration.

It is our kind recommendation that applications for any registration should be filed as soon as possible to save filing costs.