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RE: Possible Increase in Fees Saudi Arabia

JAH & Co. IP would like to inform its clients and associates that there are major procedural and fee changes in the offing in Saudi Arabia. The GCC TM Law and its Implementing Regulations had been published at the Official Gazette in Saudi Arabia (Um Al- Qura), issue No. 4625, on July 1, 2016.Pursuant to the Saudi Royal Degree No. M/51 dated April 26, 2014, the GCC TM Law shall come into force in Saudi Arabia within (90) days from the publication of the Implementing Regulations of the GCC TM Law (September 27, 2016).


Following are the verbal information’s provided by the Saudi Trademark Office:


  1. Possible Hike in Official Trademark Registration Fees from USD 1870 to USD 2400
  2. The opposition period will be shortened to 60 days from the current 90 days for all new applications filed on or after the implementation of Law
  3. The oppositions are to be filed with the Higher Committee of the Trademark Office, swapping the current practice of filing opposition with the court.
  4. There would be official fees for Appeals to Minister & Oppositions
  5. Similar to the implementation of GCC Trademarks Law in other gulf states it is expected that the increase fees would be applied retroactively for pending applications in terms of publication and registration.


In this event we would like to encourage all our clients to file their Trademarks prior to the implementation of GCC Trademark Law in order to avail the old official registration fees. For detailed quotes and information please contact us at info@jahcoip.com.