Trademarks applications at "risk" in Kuwait - JAH CO.IP
Trademarks applications at “risk” in Kuwait

We wish to kindly update all clients and associates that we have recently received an Official Circular from the Kuwaiti Trademarks Office informing local agents that they set a non-extendable deadline of 31/08/2018 for all trademarks applications for registration filed before 01/01/2018 to clear the following:


  • To enter the details of all filed pending applications in the IPAS system (the new internal system for records adopted by the Kuwaiti Trademark Office) for the purpose of examination
  • To settle publication fees for all examined and accepted trademarks applications for registration


Failure to attend to the above within the prescribed deadline will result in the lapse of the application.  Attached is a copy of the circular as received from the Kuwaiti Trademarks Office for your reference.


JAH will be writing to our clients separately with respect to their trademarks and for trademarks not registered through our firm, we would be pleased to extend our services.


Kindly mail info@jahcoip.com for the related requirements and charges so as secure the protection of your trademarks at the earliest duly noting that an original legalized POA is must to undertake the aforementioned actions.