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Patent Requirements:

Power of attorney duly notarized and legalized up to the Jordanian Consulate.

Patent Form 4 legalized up to the Jordanian Consulate.

Certified copy of the home letters patent.

Three copies of specifications, claims and drawings in English with Arabic translation thereof.

Abstract of about 200 words in English with Arabic translation thereof.

Certified copy of certificate of incorporation or extract from the commercial register for the applicant(s).

Certified copy of priority document in case priority is to be claimed



Disclosers and Novelty requirements:

Any patent application should be filed within 12 months from the date of absolute disclosure regardless of date of filing in any country in order to be accepted.


Annuities: are to be paid after issuance of letters patent, calculated from the date of filing or priority.  A grace period of six months.


Note:  As of the beginning of 2009, the PO issued an internal memo in which it started to calculate the annuities as of the filing date, regardless of priority, retroactively. This will be calculated at the time of filing the application for payment of the annuities that are due.


Nominal working:

Working of patents is requirement by Law within 3 years from the date of grant. Failing to do so, it will become subject to compulsory licensing.


It is possible to meet this requirement by publishing a notice in a daily newspaper, attracting any interested party to exploit the patent; this can be done every 2 years.