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Kuwait Designs



1. Power of Attorney, legalized.
2. 2 representations of the design.
3. Description of the design.
4. Certificate of incorporation, legalized.
5. Deed of assignment from the designer(s), legalized.
6. Copy of priority document, if priority is claimed, legalized.

All the above documents may be submitted within 3 months from the filing date.




For one term of 5 years.


10 years from filing date.

As to form, novelty, and industrial applicability.

Applications with Multiple Figures
Admissible up to 50 figures.




At the moment when an application is filed for the grant of an industrial model registration, the Kuwaiti Patent Registrar takes no further action. The KPO has started the process of examining, publishing and granting of designs. All designs filed with the Kuwaiti Patent Office are practically in the application stage, although the relevant designs are currently protected for 10 years as of the date of filing.

For as long as this practice remains, all filed design applications shall remain as documentary evidence of ownership and priority claim even in the absence of examination and issuance of certificates by the Patent Office. Thus usual actions of opposition, renewal, payment of annuities, working, and so forth (except the assignment of applications), are not currently applicable in Kuwait.