Message from Founder & CEO - JAH CO.IP
Message from Founder & CEO

In the Twenty-First Century intellectual property is increasingly becoming among the most important assets of every enterprise. With the globalization of the world economy and commerce in recent years, the practice of law has also internationalized.


Jah & CO.IP founded in 1999, is a sophisticated intellectual property boutique law firm unusual among firms of its size with a vision of providing the highest quality of intellectual property legal services in any Arab Countries through its own fully staffed operating offices and affiliated IP firms in all African countries at highly competitive fees for high value-added services. JAH focuses on intellectual property law and on related legal matters in these jurisdictions.


At JAH, we successfully combine legal, technical and scientific know-how. The lawyers of the firm and a team of qualified trademarks, patents, designs and copyrights professionals and experts make every effort to serve the needs of our clients based on a broad range of technical backgrounds and legal experience. Almost every intellectual property lawyer of our firm has at least a master degree in science, engineering, and business management and hands-on experience in a specific technical area.


Our philosophy is to assist our clients in recognizing and exploiting Intellectual Property as a business asset which complements our clients’ business objectives. We offer Intellectual Property services to fit the needs and budgets of all our clients, whether they be large corporations, SMEs or start-up companies.


What makes the firm particularly attractive to clients and different from the majority of other Regional IP firms is the fact that it is not only a filing and prosecution firm but also a litigation firm. The litigating lawyers form in-house teams with those patent attorneys who have the required technical background for the specific case.


The firm handles patents, trademarks and designs model infringement, passing-off and copyright matters. For our clients, we are constantly involved in intellectual property issues in all Arab and African countries. Our Head Office is based in Qatar undertakes and provides the so-called one window facility whereby all clients inquiries, invoices, reports and correspondence are being dealt with through our Head Office whilst their daily cases are being dealt by our various offices under the full coordination and supervision of our Head Office.


In addition to prosecution and litigation matters the firm covers all other IP related fields, including licensing and copyright, thereby bridging the gap between technology and law.
The firm is committed to providing quality service at reasonable fees. Clients acknowledge representation by the firm to be of the highest level of professional skill coupled with a high degree of responsiveness to management objectives.