Trademark Requirements:

A power of attorney simply signed, and sealed with the official stamp of the applicant company indicating the name and title of the signatory.

Full particulars of the applicant company.

A certified copy of the priority document in case priority is to be claimed.

A certificate of guarantee if the mark is subject of international exhibitions or if it is officially known.

If the mark is collective, or of certification, a copy of the usage regulation is needed.


Time necessary from filing to registration for a smooth application is 3 months.

To achieve better enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and prevent any infringement on such rights, border measures were strengthened and stiffened. According to the Law, the Administration of Customs and Duties shall have the full authority to seize any goods found to bear similar or identical trademark(s) to the original ones. The seizure can be upon the request of the owner of a registered trademark, or its local agent.


It is worth noting that the new law recognizes for the first time the registrability of the sound and smell marks.


Requirements for filing sound and smell marks are as follows:

A Power of Attorney simply signed and stamped by the applicant.

The name, address and nationality of the applicant and the nature of its business.

The list of the goods to be covered by the application.

Fifteen prints of the trademark (not exceeding 8×8 centimeters) and printing block, which may be obtained locally.

The musical composition (notes) for sound marks and explanatory legend regarding the essence for smell marks.

A certified copy of the basic registration if convention priority is to be claimed. This must be submitted within 3 months of filing.


Time frame from filing a trade mark application up to registration, on average, in the case that no office action or oppositions are issued or lodged:

Filing up to Examination : 1 months

Examination up to Publication :1 months

Opposition Period : 2 months

End of Opposition Period up to Issuance of Registration Certificate : 2 months

Total Estimated Time Frame : 5 months


Renewal requirement:

Power of attorney simply signed and sealed.

Scanned copy of the trademark registration certificate.


Time frame: 3 Months

License agreement requirements:

A simply signed power of attorney from the licensor or the licensee

license agreement with a sworn French translation, notarized.


Time Frame: 6 Months

Additional Time Frames:

Time frame required for preparing and filing an opposition or counterstatement with the Trademarks Office and follow up its proceedings till final settlement:

To prepare and file an opposition : 15 days, The approximate time frame for an opposition to be final turns today around 18 months

Time frame required for preparing and filing a lawsuit of any type such as infringement or cancellation action and follow up its proceedings till final settlement:.

18 to 24 months

Time frame required for filing an appeal with the trademarks registrar or court as applicable regarding an opposition action, counterstatement or rejection:

18 to 24 months