Our Services, Registration and Maintenance of Patent

Registration of trademarks, patents, designs and copyrights


– Providing legal advice and counsel on assignments and licensing and other intellectual property protection related matters.

– Conducting full availability searches and providing a legal opinion on the registrability of trademarks.

– Lodging oppositions and appeals and relative proceedings.
– Maintenance of intellectual property titles by effecting renewals and annuities.
– Conducting watch services for published trademarks and patents.
– Undertaking infringements actions and relative proceedings.
– Registration and maintenance of domain names.



To further help protect the clients’ trademark, JAH & CO. IP offers a “Trademark Watch Services” The Trademark Watch Service Comprises a thorough screening of the Official Gazettes Throughout the Arab World to find trademarks similar or identical to those of the client, after which a full report is provided in sufficient time for an opposition to be lodged. JAH & CO. IP has also introduced the “Trademark infringement Services” whereby local markets are intensively surveyed for registered and unregistered labels imitating those of the owner. If the comprehensive searches lead to any such offending marks, a detailed report including JAH & CO. IP suggestion is provided.



In additions to supervising and coordinating the performances of our own offices, our Head Office in Qatar undertakes the registration of trademarks, patents, designs and copyrights and providing other intellectual property related services all over the Arab World through our associates