Syria has joined the Patent cooperation treaty PCT, and the treaty is in force as of June 26, 2003. The legislative decree 47 dated 1946 as amended by Law No.28 dated 1980, is the Syrian law that governs the intellectual property regulation in Syria, and the first section is concerned with Patents.



After preparing the application and all requested documents and paying the fees, the application to be filed before the patent office. The patent office will search the novelty first, and then refer the application to a special committee to study the file, and will send a copy to the related university and scholars, who have experience related to the patent subject matter. Then the committee will make the decision in granting the patent or not after receiving the report from the specialists and finishing the study.  Examination is conducted as form and novelty, inventiveness, industrial applicability, unity and compliance.


Protection period:

Period of protection of Patent in Syria is fifteen years, as of the date of signing the filling document. Patent protection period cannot be renewed, but annuities are due for payment.



Using the granted patent is compulsory in Syria; within two years as of the date of the grant.  An invitation for the using of this patent, to be published in the Syrian newspaper inviting investors to exploit the invitation in the country is considered satisfying the compulsory condition imposed by the law.


Documents required:

A power of attorney signed and stamped by the corporate seal of the company and notarized before a notary public.

A deed of assignment from inventor to applicant duly legalized up to the Syrian Consulate.

Three copies of specifications, claims, drawings and abstract in English and Arabic.

A certified copy of the priority document in case priority is to be claimed.

A copy of the search report and the Preliminary Examination Report if any ( for PCT national filing).

A copy of the PCT International application (including request 101 with its declaration),showing Syria as a designated country, and a copy of the PCT publication for PCT national filing.


Nominal working: patent application should be used or licensed within two years from the date of the grant. A nominal working notice published in a local newspaper will serve to avoid any legal action to be taken before courts.


Time Limits

Under PCT Chapter I: 31 months from the priority date.
Under PCT Chapter II: 31 months from the priority date.


Patents are published in the Official Gazette after substantive examination and before grant; oppositions may be filed within 3 months from publication. The patent is re-published after grant but no opposition period is provisioned then.
Patent Working/Compulsory License
A patent has to be worked; within 4 years from national filing date or 3 years from grant date. The patent may be subject to compulsory licensing according to the provisions in the law.


Patent Equivalent Search
Granted, published patents may be searched by title and patentee name.